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Community Tourism | Peru | Communities Article


Community tourism allows the visitor the opportunity to experience life in rural communities and to easily visit sites of interest off the beaten track. Each visit is unique and can be tailored to your own interests. The communities and areas involved in this project each have their own attractions, so if you like wildlife, adventure, culture, birding or just want to hang out and get to know a new way of life or take a walk of discovery in a tropical forest, to see what you can find please contact us to arrange your visit. The British NGO Neotropical Primate Conservation and its partners began developing community tourism initiatives in rural areas of Northern Peru several years ago. The project now encompasses many communities in this biologically and culturally rich and diverse corner of the earth.

Community Tourism Peru | Visit us and support the community Article


Your visit will help support communities actively involved in conserving surrounding forests and natural resources for future generations, often without personal benefit.

Notification, 100% income generated goes directly to the communities
Remember that 100% OF INCOME GENERATED GOES DIRECTLY TO THE COMMUNITIES in support of conservation and local level development.

Please consider supporting our efforts.


Community Tourism Peru | reserves for tourism Article


We currently offer visits to seven different communities, each of which runs its own communal reserve. Together these reserves cover an area of 80,000 ha and protect diverse reserves including dry forests, cloud forests and lowland tierra firme rainforest as well as an incredible diversity of rare and endangered species many of which are unique to this region. Please follow the links below to see what each area offers and how to arrange your visit.

Community Tourism Peru | Researchers and Students are welcome Article

Long Stays

We also arrange longer stays for researchers and students.

About NPC

Neotropical Primate Conservation (NPC) is a registered charity dedicated to the conservation of primates and their habitat in the tropical rainforests of South and Central America